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Updated on
March 5, 2024

This guide comes from the need of simplifying the way to measure the environmental impact of a product or company, by using scientific data and comparable indicators. To download the guide directly click here

Why this guide? 

Value chains are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. As one step of the chain changes, it directly affects the others. Sustainability is no exception, as the environmental impact of a company is affected by all its suppliers. You cannot measure a product’s impact without taking into account all the businesses and people involved in its production. From the extraction of raw materials to the product’s end of life. 

Even though due diligence is becoming more relevant at the international level, we cannot trust companies and suppliers to be responsible for their own practices. We must get to know them first hand and choose the ones that are aligned with our own values and needs. The environmental impact also varies across industries and businesses, and it becomes more complex to measure as we include different tier suppliers. 

As such, this guide arises to facilitate the inclusion of sustainability in the value chain, with the aim of improving a company’s impact. In other words, this guide serves to democratize environmental and strategic decision making, to achieve better, quantifiable and comparable results. 

What to use the guide for: 

  • To learn about how different types of suppliers affect a company's environmental impact.
  • To find out how sustainability applies to different industries.
  • To understand the corporate benefits of implementing sustainability practices along the value chain. 
  • To make better data-driven decisions. 
  • To integrate sustainability into the financial growth strategy. 
  • To choose suppliers that help achieve corporate sustainability goals. 
  • To demonstrate commitment to sustainability through actions and indicators that allow monitoring objectives.  
  • To get to know the different methodologies to follow and discover the most appropriate for each company.

Dcycle and the Sustainability in the Value Chain Guide 

Dcycle was born with the vision of aligning economic and sustainable development, helping companies minimize their impact and simplify their decision-making processes. 

For us, sustainability can only be ensured through data. As such,  this guide is designed to facilitate the gathering of relevant information, to help companies adapt to a sustainable future.

Thank you for your interest in this post. You can directly access the guide here. If you are a textile company, you can also access our White Book of Textile Fibres. 

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