The cornerstone of our business is sustainability, and that means paying special attention to the way we do things, showing absolute respect for the environment and the people we interact with. We want to promote a culture and an ecosystem in which ethics is the pillar of our company. This is why we are committed to promoting gender equality at Dcycle. We establish sustainable development as a guide in our daily and strategic decision-making and when establishing the company’s KPIs.

This is the set of measures that, following an adequate diagnosis of the situation in Spain, the company has implemented to promote equal treatment and opportunities between women and men. Thus, to avoid any type of discrimination between them. We focus on the company’s culture and on the personal leadership of the workers.

Work-life integration.

  • Promote a culture in Dcycle that facilitates the integration of personal and professional life.
  • Introduce measures that promote flexibility in the provision of services, such as flexible working hours or the possibility of working remotely.
  • Adapt the assessment method to the needs of maternity and paternity leave, as well as making the working day more flexible for family reasons.

Detection, prevention and action in situations of harassment at work.

  • Implementation of the action protocol for the prevention of harassment at work, which defines the conduct to be prevented, establishes the specific measures for such prevention and provides a channel for complaints or claims that, where appropriate, may be made by those who have been subjected to such conduct.

Equal training and development.

  • Promote the development of the personal and professional skills of employees during the intermediate stages of their career plan.
  • Encourage greater representation of women in senior positions in a manner consistent with the current ratios of men and women joining the company.
  • Ensure appropriate career paths that do not involve discrimination.
  • In order to carry out each of these measures, awareness-raising, training and/or communication activities aimed at all members of Dcycle have been developed and continue to be developed. Likewise, in order to work on each of the aforementioned axes, we present the specific objectives and the actions aimed at achieving them, as well as the appropriate monitoring and evaluation systems to assess their impact.


  • In order to measure the effectiveness of these measures in Dcycle, we have developed a series of indicators together with a strategy to review and monitor the established objectives.
  • The indicators will be used by all Dcycle members and the monitoring plan will be evaluated by senior management to determine its efficiency. We will also be able to modify these measures based on new needs and as the Dcycle team grows.

Monitoring and evaluation.

  • We have established the following indicators of success, defining the sources of information on which they are based and how the results will be analysed.

Indicator model.

  • Equality in access to employment and recruitment
  • Percentage of men and women accessing positions of responsibility in Dcycle.
  • Monitoring of pre-established recruitment processes based on qualification criteria.
  • Equal pay according to position and responsibilities.

Integration of Personal and Professional Life.

  • Analysis of needs and objectives for flexible working hours.
  • Digital transformation of the company to facilitate the flexibilisation of the working day in an efficient way that does not affect the performance of the Dcycle team.
  • Establishment of common guidelines for flexible working hours.
  • Communication of the existence of flexitime opportunities both to team members and to candidates for new jobs.

Detection, prevention and action in situations of harassment at work.

  • Creation of a prevention and action protocol for harassment situations.
  • Communication of the protocol to members and new additions to the team.
  • Evaluation of conflict resolution in possible cases of harassment at work.
  • Creation of new preventive measures.

Equality in training and development.

  • Establishment of training targets to be achieved by all members of the Dcycle team on a six-monthly basis.
  • Monitoring of the achievement of training objectives and evaluation of their implementation as a job resource.
  • Analysis of professional growth and responsibilities on a regular basis.