Will the data I provide during registration be kept confidential?

Most of the information about your company that you are asked to provide during registration is public: company name, industry, size or location.

The data provided during the registration stage allows Dcycle to profile your company and create a customised sustainability assessment analysis.

Are my answers and documents treated confidentially?

Your analysis and the answers you provide are considered confidential, as defined in the terms and conditions. Your business partners will only be able to see the results of your assessment if you invite them to the platform, as well as the documents you choose to share with them.

How will Dcycle use my documents? Who has access to my documents?

The documents provided for the assessment will only be used to support your sustainability assessment and will not be shared with anyone.

Dcycle is fully committed to ensuring the security of our clients’ data and providing highly secure cloud solutions.

What are the legal requirements applicable to my documents?

As set out in the General Terms and Conditions, all data you provide must be accurate, true and complete. In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure that the data complies with all applicable legal requirements, in particular, the company must take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with all requirements relating to the privacy of personal data.

Will the results of my assessment be kept confidential?

Dcycle is fully committed to ensuring the security of its customers’ data and providing highly secure online solutions.

Your assessment results will be kept strictly confidential and will only be shared with individuals or companies to whom you provide access. Once you give access to a business partner, employee or stakeholder, they will have access to the results of your subsequent assessment if you do not block their access.