ISO 14001 and Environmental KPIs: Optimising your company's environmental impact

Updated on
May 14, 2024

What is ISO 14001?

It is a global standard applicable to a variety of organisations, both public and private, large or small, adopting a High-Level Structure similar to other well-known standards, allowing its integration into management systems. Its goal is to achieve environmental objectives, including those proposed by the United Nations for Sustainable Development. The standard encompasses document management, risk management, and regulatory compliance, promoting continuous improvement.

What are environmental KPIs?

In today's business world, environmental sustainability has become a fundamental pillar for long-term success. The ISO 14001 standard provides a solid framework for organisations to effectively manage their environmental impacts. Within this framework, Environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a crucial role in the assessment and continuous improvement of a company's environmental compliance.

How to define the main environmental KPIs?

Four key environmental KPIs can be determined. It is important that organisations choose these indicators in consideration of the specific process on which they operate and under the supervision of top management.

Use of natural resources: Consumption of water, electricity, gas, fossil fuels and other resources. Amount of paper used in the production, packaging or packing process.
Emissions and waste: Pollutant emissions and discharges to air, land or water. Weight of dumped or discarded materials.
Environmental incidents: Number of actual incidents affecting the environment. Number of potential incidents identified. Time lost due to actual environmental incidents.
Proactive measures: Risk reduction measures implemented to prevent incidents. Results of environmental audits.

Defining these environmental KPIs is essential for organisations that have implemented an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001:2015 and want to be certified under it.

How can Dcycle help you with environmental impact management, ISO 14001 and Environmental KPIs?

Dcycle provides an innovative solution to improve the environmental performance of companies, specialising in carbon footprint calculation and environmental management. Discover our automations, such as the required data download that simplifies the ISO 14001 certification process, allowing organisations to save time and resources by ensuring the accuracy of the information collected. This combination of the ISO 14001 standard and environmental KPIs with Dcycle's platform provides a powerful tool for improving business sustainability, allowing companies to focus on environmental protection and long-term success.

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