Why are Neutrale’s new products Carbon Neutral?

Making the fashion industry increasingly sustainable.

Thanks to Dcycle, we analyse the life cycle of each of your new products and offset all the emissions from their production.

Creating a more sustainable fashion industry.

Neutrale, in its sustainability and conscious fashion commitment, has decided to analyse, via Dcycle, the life cycle of each of its new products and to offset all the emissions of its production.

To do this, it has been necessary to trace the entire production chain. From the harvesting of the materials (organic cotton and recycled polyester), their transformation, dyeing, packaging and the transport in their different stages. Thanks to this detailed report, we can calculate the direct and indirect emissions of each production phase.

After determining the carbon footprint of each product, we purchase carbon credits from certified projects registered with the UN Climate Change Office, which aim to avoid future emissions and remove existing carbon dioxide from our environment.

Thus, we have turned each of the new Neutrale garments Carbon Neutral. Discover them here.

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