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Pioneers in sustainable textiles 2022.

Updated on
May 14, 2024

We are facing a situation of change.

The latest report of the International Panel on Climate Change has demonstrated the enormous importance of taking action to address the challenges of the climate crisis, as the projected figures reflect a substantial increase in global temperature. We are responsible for 50% of the temperature increase since 1951 and current production and consumption patterns are incompatible in the long term with human and environmental health.

In particular, the textile industry has a major impact on the planet and society. It emits 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is responsible for 20% of polluted water. Each stage of the textile value chain has a major environmental impact.

In Spain, approximately 90% of textile waste ends up in landfills or incinerated. Spain is one of the main players in the global textile sector.  On a national level, it is even more relevant, representing 2.4% of GDP, 4.1% of employment and it is also one of the sectors with the highest rate of exports in the country.

This report aims to make a diagnosis of the sustainable context in the textile sector in Spain and bring to light the challenges it faces when it comes to transitioning towards models that are more respectful of the environment and society.

At Dcycle we wanted to bring together the pioneering brands in sustainable innovation in the textile sector in Spain.

By questioning how new sustainability trends are being addressed and what challenges brands are facing, we delve into the innovative production and consumption models that are revolutionising the sector.

To achieve this, we interviewed more than 40 Spanish fashion brands that are pioneers in sustainability. We counted with the participation of:

AMT, B the Beach Brand, Blue Banana, Bluyins, Canussa, Castañer, Circoolar, Clo Stories, Green Forest Wear, Hemp & Love, Hemper, Hilaturas Ferre, Iaios, Laüd Recycled, Lefrik, Lifegist, Mireia Playà, Miu Sutin, Mus&bombon, Nael, Neutrale, Otrura, Peter's, Poems, Romualda, Saye, Sepiia, Slow Fashion Next, Studio Fantastique, Sylvia Calvo BCN, Talk Under Light, The Nude Label, UMA Intimates, Uttopy, Vesica Footwear, Virago BCN, Recovo, Pyratex, Ecodicta, Fabbric and Textil Santanderina. 

If you want to know more about the challenges we are facing and the most innovative solutions, visit this link

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