Jacobo Umbert
CRO and Co-Founder
Luis Escámez
CPO and Co-Founder

Struggling to measure scope 3 carbon emissions rapidly and reliably?

In this webinar, Luis Escámez and Jacobo Umbert from Dcycle, provide a practical action plan for measuring emissions across all 3 scopes simply and efficiently, through unified environmental data.

Learn how you can reduce data complexity and overcome the key challenges of scope 3 measurement, using the latest technology.
In this webinar, we focus on:
Where to start: How to consolidate environmental data, and remove manual processes using AI technology.
Controlling the most complex categories for scope 3 measurement, including suppliers purchases, transport, distribution and employees.
Taking your estimations to the next level: Missing precise data? Exploit more accurate estimations to achieve a fully verified carbon footprint calculation.
Moving from chaos to structure: How to make the most of a single source of data truth for all of your sustainability use cases.
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