Webinar 1: Sustainability as a Strategic Matter.

Essential Tools for Effective Executive Decisions.

The main objective of this talk is to provide an introduction for professionals who want to incorporate sustainability into their professional profile and explore ways to implement sustainability transition in their businesses.
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portada Webinar de dcycle sobre como convertir la sostenibilidad en una cuestion estrategica

Where we are and how we got here.

As the world moves towards sustainability, it is crucial for executives to be equipped with the right tools. In this talk, Juanjo Mestre, CEO of Dcycle, shares his experience and knowledge on how to address challenges and seize opportunities in the ecological transition.

Sustainability as a strategic matter.

Challenges of implementing a sustainable corporate strategy.
Opportunities of implementing sustainability in the corporate strategy
Compensation, Reduction, or Greenwashing?

Tools for implementing a seamless sustainability strategy.

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Basically, what you want from sustainability, without the mess.