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"We have analyzed our products and offset twice the emissions.
We are the first fashion brand to be Carbon Negative in Spain."
logo Blue Banana and Dcycle
Juan Fernández-Estrada,
Co-Founder of Blue Banana.
"We already measured our impact a year ago but we did it with excel, in old fashioned mode. We wanted something modern and scalable, that's why we are with Dcycle"
logo intexteis barcelona dcycle
Yousra El Bahri, Sustainability Project Manager at Intexteis.
"We automatically analyze all our products and bring this impact information to our customers without wasting time on it"
logo lefrik dcycle
Mónica Rodríguez,
Co-Founder and CEO of Lefrik.
"The design of the displays is impeccable, the calculation algorithms are impeccable and the study work is impeccable. I congratulate Dcycle, it is just what we needed"
logo travesa dcycle
Antonio R., External Environmental Consultant at Travesa.
“Everything is clear and we are pleased with the analysis so we will contact you again in the future.”
logo mobius tech dcycle
Michael Grossenbacher, Software Engineer at Mobius Technologies.
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