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How do we help Celicioso on its sustainability journey?

Updated on
May 3, 2023

Celicioso wanted to go one step further and make its carbon footprint negative by offsetting 340,211 kilos of CO2.

Since the company started in 2012, Celicioso has been an innovative project, offering gluten-free artisanal products that everyone can enjoy. Plus, its mission is to introduce more lactose-free, sugar-free, organic and vegan options

Through its innovative journey, Celicioso has become the first Spanish company to make its 2020 carbon footprint negative.

How has Dcycle helped during this journey?

At Dcycle, we have analyzed their total carbon footprint from both direct and indirect emissions.  Everything from the energy of their establishments, their vehicles, to the life cycle of their cakes or cupcakes and the packaging they use, resulting in a total footprint of 170,105.83 CO2 Kg.

Celicioso has gone one step ahead and not only compensated, but negativized its 2020 carbon footprint  through renewable energy generation projects, offsetting 340,211 CO2 Kg of CO2. As a result, we have provided them a certificate endorsed by the United Nations Climate Change Office.

In addition, on its sustainability agenda, Celicioso is committed to reducing its footprint by an additional 20% this year. To do so, it has reduced its vehicle fleet and electricity consumption, it has implemented changes to make its refrigeration and air-conditioning systems more environmentally friendly, and it has eliminated the use of plastics in their facilities.

Discover Celicioso’s products here, or in their stores in Madrid, Marbella and Barcelona.

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