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The Introduction of the first Greenwashing detector.

Updated on
May 3, 2023

Taking the opportunity of the business and technological innovation event, the Valencia Digital Summit 2022 in which more than 1.500 startups, 250 investors and 150 corporations participated, as well as 300 presentations by technology leaders from different countries; In Dcycle we have developed and presented an algorithm that, through voice, detects when a company is doing greenwashing or is truly sustainable, to raise awareness about whether the sustainability strategies applied within companies are appropriate, or not.

Why this dynamic in an event like this?

At Dcycle we understand sustainability through data and technology, which is why we have created an innovative dynamic in which, in just one minute, telling your business presentation and how you approach sustainability in your company to a voice device that detects if you are greenwashing or if you are sustainable.

We challenged each of the people who passed by the stand, which we shared with BStartup by Banco Sabadell, to present themselves and tell us what kind of strategies they are carrying out and what measures they are implementing in terms of mobility, energy, emissions measurement, reduction... in order to obtain an analysis and categorization based on this intelligent algorithm. Depending on how close or far they are from greenwashing, the results are communicated to them on a scale from greenwasher (score 0) to sustainable (score 10).

In addition, we have opted for an action that promotes transparency, sending the participants content that the companies themselves could share on their social networks. These results invite them to rethink whether they are really doing everything they can to guide them and help SMEs to face the sustainable revolution. Sustainability is within everyone's reach.

Measure to know, improve to inspire and communicate your positive impact.