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Dcycle is Certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Updated on
May 14, 2024

We are very excited to share that we have obtained the TÜV Rheinland certification, which validates that our software accomplishes its goal for measuring the carbon footprint according to the ISO 14064, for Scope 1, 2 and 3. 

As an environmental management software we measure the carbon footprint within the standards to assure our customers reliable information so they can share their efforts with stakeholders. 

What is the TÜV Rheinland Certification? 

TÜV Rheinland is the most recognized quality certification worldwide, which ensures that a product, service or process has been tested for safety and it complies with national and international regulations. 

Achieving this certification means that the product has attained the requirements for safety, quality and sustainability. This gives resellers, partners and consumers the confidence to use the product. 

About Dcycle

Dcycle’s software, helps companies take control of their environmental impact to build a plan for improving processes to optimize resources and ensure the growth of the company. The software is an All-in-one Sustainability Solution where companies can measure, reduce - offset and communicate their sustainable efforts. 

Dcycle's clients can:

  1. Measure the carbon footprint of their company within seconds, upload invoices, assign tasks to their team members and gain efficiency within the process. 
  1. Reduce and Offset their emissions with AI recommendations to lower their footprint, offset emissions in 3 clicks. 
  1. Communicate to clients and stakeholders their commitment and position themselves as a pioneer. 

With the objective of improving brand image, increasing profitability, and to access new markets and funding. 

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Juanjo Mestre
CEO and Co-Founder

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