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“Great client focus, continuous product development and anticipation capacity. We have pushed each other for the greater good in a fruitful partnership towards a more sustainable and greener future!”
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Mário Simões
xxxx of EDP
"In a few words we describe our relationship with Dcycle: Professionalism in technical knowledge. Rigour in the methodology applied. Availability in the service. Proximity in our dealings. An auspicious collaboration."
logo Blue Banana and Dcycle
Tiago Machado
Co-founder and Partner
"We have analyzed our products and offset twice the emissions.
We are the first fashion brand to be Carbon Negative in Spain."
logo Blue Banana and Dcycle
Juan Fernández-Estrada,
Co-Founder of Blue Banana.
"We automatically analyze all our products and bring this impact information to our customers without wasting time on it"
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Mónica Rodríguez,
Co-Founder and CEO of Recovo.

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