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Front End Developer

November 15, 2023


Before the end of December


1 - 5 years


Full time


Madrid, Spain

Shape the next generation of sustainability at Dcycle. We are hiring a Front End Developer to help us reinvent sustainability.

Dcycle is a start-up willing to reinvent the whole sustainability industry in order to make it accessible to every SME through software. You will be working in a young and highly motivated environment.

Your new role as a Front End Developer - challenging and product-oriented

👋 Characteristics:

Location: Madrid, Spain. Hibrid

Experience: Between 1 and 5 years of experience

Functional Subarea: Front End Development

Contract Type: Indefinite

Dedication: Full time

💻 Your main responsabilities
  • Develop the best in-class platform with a direct impact on Sustainability solving the user's needs while decreasing the level of CO2 with every line of code you write.
  • Be very close to the user (our clients) understanding what needs to be done together with the rest of the product team.
  • If you find something that is not working or that could be better, we expect you to fix it or propose a way to enhance it.

✅ Requirements for this position

We are looking for developers who want to understand the client's needs and are close to the product, we value if you have experience with this approach on how to develop a product or if at least you are willing to develop in this way.

Also you need to have 1 to 5 years of experience in:

  • ReactJS
  • JavaScript/TypeScrypt
  • Git



Get a sustainability certification

We aim to be as transparent as possible during the recruitment process. The recruiting team is always there to help answer your open questions, and to provide feedback.

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At Dcycle we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity and encourages you to be you. We believe that businesses should represent the world we want to live in.

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We treat each candidate the same way. This means that we give every candidate the same opportunities along the hiring journey.

At Dcycle, our purpose is clear: to

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