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Get to know our Sales Development Representative.

I try to find the best way to sell and raise awareness of Dcycle, to convey the positive change it offers to society.

Get to know José Garzón, the newest member of the Dcycle team!

My name is José Garzón, and I'm going to tell you a little bit about my story: I was born in 1991 in Veracruz (Mexico), my father's hometown. Throughout my life I have focused on my family, sports and work, with almost 10 years of work experience. During that time I have been mostly in the Marketing department, enjoying the creativity, innovation and challenges it offered me.

I am a Business Administrator from the Universidad Ánahuac Norte. Over the years I became fond of cooking, which became one of my main hobbies.

Tell us about yourself, why did you bet on a Startup?

After many years working in large companies, both public and private, in marketing and advertising positions, I realized that it was time to make a change and to take responsibility for existing on this planet and prepare myself to be better. 

I came to Madrid over two years ago to study a Master in Marketing and Sales, where I discovered a market that offered me great opportunities personally and professionally. At that moment in my life I asked myself: "Where do I want to focus what I have learnt? Where can I put it into practice and continue to grow?"

I realized that my best option was Dcycle. A startup that offered me the opportunity to develop my goals together with them, joining their values and challenges and sharing mine as well, so that the work cycle is complete; and this turned out to be the best of my challenges.

Having the opportunity to grow in a place that offers you the values that best suit you while learning to improve the world alongside them as a Family.

What is your role at Dcycle?

I am in the sales department. On a daily basis I look for new contacts, leads and opportunities. I try to find the best way to sell and raise awareness of Dcycle and the positive change it offers to society in all areas. 

We carry out an outbound sales strategy via message or call. It's a great challenge to connect with the people you contact, undoubtedly one of the best challenges of my career.

Doing it in a company like Dcycle makes it exciting and easy, as it pushes you to be your best self and give your all to grow personally and professionally with them along the way. 

In Dcycle I found a team willing to achieve their goals and objectives together, in the best way, walking the mountain uphill to get to the top together without leaving anyone behind. The technology offered by their software is able to measure the impact of carbon footprint, life cycle, among others, making an impact on the environment, it was one of the main reasons that made me proud to be part of the team.

Do you have a hobby? Anything you feel like sharing!


I am passionate about sports; especially Football, Golf and Padel. 

I really enjoy watching or practicing them, they are a perfect example for me of the importance of teamwork, of understanding that everyone is equally important to achieve the objectives or strategies. They are activities that help me to get out of the routine and out of my comfort zone.

For me, enjoying and analyzing them is a way of meditating because I disconnect from everything and connect with myself. That also helps me to awaken my creativity and to stay present in what I am enjoying, I think that nowadays it is very complex to be present in general. 

Although my biggest hobby is cooking, I find passion and art in what I do. To be able to create dishes, sauces, to be together and to see the happiness of the person who tastes it are things that fill me with joy. I don't think there is a better way to describe it than with the phrase: "Full belly, happy heart". 

Being able to be the reason someone smiles and feels at home and at home is what I enjoy most about cooking, just as I enjoy eating and learning about new things. I think cooking transports you to any culture and place in the world and, above all, you have the best conversations. 

Sharing, connecting with memories growing up, meeting families through stories, that's what I'm passionate about.

Who is the person who inspires you the most?

I am who I am thanks to the person I admire and love the most, which is my mother. She taught me what it means to fight for my dreams, not to give up and to love what I do above all else; she filled me with values and helped me to get up every time I needed it. 

She is a woman with a free soul and deep-rooted values who taught me that with faith, love and trust in a higher power and in myself, all things can be achieved, and that even when the road gets rough and the outlook gets cloudy, there is always a way to fix it. That no matter what the situation, there are always people who love and support you, that there is nothing that heals the soul and spirit more than going home to the people we love and who love us. 

She also taught me that I should never betray who I am to fit into a group or somewhere, that I should never let anyone turn off my path, because she and my father taught me to believe in myself.

Thanks to her I am the man who has achieved so much over the years and I feel happy and satisfied with my path. 

I feel ready to keep growing and learning, because life is one and the time is now. 

Together with José, the Dcycle team continues to grow. You can also meet Spiros, our Data Lead, here.

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