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About us

Meet our Environmental engineer, Boris Landívar.

Updated on
May 3, 2023

We interviewed our Environmental engineer, Boris Landívar. Find out a little more about this great professional who has joined the Dcycle team.

Can you tell us a little about your personal and professional background?

I was born in Peru and lived most of my life there. I love my country but it is a fact that, from the point of view of environmental sustainability, but also on a social and business level, Peru is far behind. That is why, when the time came for me to choose a university degree, I opted for environmental engineering, seeking that knowledge that can enable a positive step forward in society. 

Environmental engineering in Peru was still in an embryonic stage; so, at the age of 19, after having studied for two years, I was accepted at the Polytechnic University of Madrid to continue my studies. It was a tough journey, studying during the week and working as a waiter and cook during the weekends; but finally this year I got my degree in environmental technologies engineering. 

My experience is mostly academic, although I also have professional experience in the field of scientific research and I seek to be self-taught, learning new things on my own every day. Furthermore, I am looking forward to continue exploring my professional development within a start-up that brings new challenges every day. 

Do you think sustainability is a key factor in society?

Sustainable development is gaining more and more popularity and is becoming very important on a multi-sectoral level. So yes, I believe that sustainability is a key factor for the correct development of society.  

This concept is often associated simply with the environmental aspect, but we must remember that its great importance is due to the fact that it not only seeks environmental care, but is based on three fundamental pillars: economy, society and environment. If these three areas work hand in hand, we will succeed in creating a prosperous society and a prosperous world in the very long term. 

So sustainability is not just a term that involves the environment or big corporations, it is something that concerns us all. 

What motivates you most about working at Dcycle and how do you think it can help you develop as a professional?

I am fascinated by Dcycle's vision of sustainability. Normally this is told in hyperbolic terms, presented as something necessary to prevent the "destruction" of the world. Dcycle manages to see sustainability for what it really is, a tool that allows for the care of the environment, but without losing focus on social development and the economy of companies, including small and medium-sized ones.

I feel that at Dcycle, I can learn to innovate and develop myself at a multi-sector technological level; every day I learn something new, ranging from something as specific as a new industrial process to more general aspects such as personal and communication skills, which I use on a day-to-day basis. Besides, in a start-up there is always a lot to do and improve, and I believe that this is an environment where you can grow professionally, learn and progress.

Tell us more about yourself, do you have any hobbies? Anything you feel like sharing!

One of my favorite hobbies which I have dedicated many years of my life to on a semi-professional basis is swimming.

It is a sport that can be categorized as very solitary. I love diving into the pool, having the water covering my ears and having the feeling of being in another world, a world where there is only you. It's very therapeutic, almost like meditation.

It is amazing to be able to let your mind go blank, and just swim with nothing else mattering, totally disconnecting from everything; as well as to give free rein to your thoughts and address a myriad of issues through calmer thinking. 

It's very therapeutic, almost like a meditation.

It's amazing to be able to let your mind go blank and just swim without anything else mattering, totally disconnecting from everything; just as it is to be able to give free rein to your thoughts and address a myriad of issues through a calmer way of thinking. 

Many times I have even been able to find solutions to academic or personal concerns after thinking about everything more calmly underwater. 

I have other hobbies such as music, video games or ping pong; and although sometimes they have been more or less present according to the moment of my life, I think the important thing is always to have something that you enjoy doing in your free time, whatever it is, it is a very healthy habit for the mind. 

What do you think is the future of sustainability?

I think that currently sustainable development is considered by many people as a fad, and by many companies as a mere requirement. But I believe that in the future this will change; sustainability will become part of society's daily life: people will become more aware of its importance and companies will be able to understand and communicate their sustainable goals efficiently. 

There is a long way to go and many problems to combat: misinformation, meaningless technicalities, lack of transparency, greenwashing, disinterest, costly and tedious processes that many companies cannot even afford to go through to get an environmental analysis. 

But I would like to see sustainability in the future as something accessible to everyone: quick, simple and effective. I know it is a difficult goal, but I want to contribute my grain of sand to make it possible one day.

Now you know a little more about the people who make up Dcycle. Find out more about our purpose in the following link.

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