Pozzi Industries Group achieved UNFCCC Carbon Neutrality certification.
Pozzi Industries is a group of companies with diverse experience that generate a perfect synergy to offer solutions for the construction, furniture, refrigeration and automotive industries, among others. Best in class know how in the field of chemistry, polyurethane processing machinery and surface finishing. With the aim of offering its clients the latest technology and personalized solutions.
facilities energy emissions
transport energy emissions
Carbon Neutral certification
Main energy initiatives:
Reduce GHG emissions (scope 2).
Include renewable energy in all energy sources.
Improve energy efficiency in production processes.
Modernize the infrastructure to make it more sustainable.
Major reduction initiatives:
Improve education and awareness to help climate change mitigation.
Promote the World Alliance for Sustainable Development. 
The challenge:
Understand their situation regarding environmental impact in order to manage and control it. In addition to complying with the carbon footprint measurement requirement to access financing. The consultants they had contacted gave them very high budgets of +€50,000.
The solution:
Measure their environmental impact to draw up a sustainability plan with concrete actions to reduce their impact. The plan focused on the following areas: energy efficiency and emission reduction, raw materials and supply chain. Specifically, some of the actions were replacing its most polluting vehicles, increasing its energy efficiency by 30% in industrial plants and including solar panels to reduce its scope 2 and offset its emissions through UN plans.
Thanks to the Dcycle software they achieved:
Up to 80% reduction of time and money in environmental management.
Draw up a Develop a comprehensive sustainability plan to reach carbon neutrality and its certification.
Our vision for 2030 is to be as circular company as possible, with no direct company emissions and to be aligned with all SDGS.
Angelo Pozzi | Pozzi Industries Group
Dcycle gives its clients access to the tools to take control of their sustainability so that they have visibility into where they are in terms of environmental impact and so that the company has the ability to generate an environmental strategy to improve its brand image, increase sales, access new markets and financing.  
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The sharing electric mobility brand that operates in 17 cities is moving forward in:

Global Carbon Footprint.
Vehicles Life Cycle Analysis.
+80% Reduction in Scope 2 emissions.

South Summit

The largest entrepreneurship event in Southern Europe, a leader in sustainability:

Started Net-Zero Journey.
Analysis of the event's impact.
Environmental hotspots and suppliers detection.

Great Place To Work

Creating better workspaces including sustainability criteria is possible:

Complete BPTW 2022 Event Analysis.
Environmental hotspots detection.
Strategic sustainable alliances.

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