Lefrik achieved a 50% reduction of CO2 emissions.
Lefrik is a leading designer brand of urban bags, backpacks and travel items using high-quality eco-friendly fabrics. Lefrik contributes to the environment by reducing the use of virgin polyester and rather extending the life of discarded plastic bottles, while saving energy in the production process.
Lefrik average impact reduction vs. traditional products
use of water
CO2 emissions
fossil fuel depletion
2022 Actions
Life cycle analysis of all its collections.
Emissions reduction of its products.
Commitment to reduce plastic footprint.
The challenge:
Get visibility on the impact of your products to make the right decisions to improve your products every year in addition to offering transparency of information to your customers to help their purchase decision.
The solution:
On the one hand, measure the impact of their products with technology to streamline data collection and thus make the best product decisions for future collections. On the other hand, include product impact sheets to help consumers make purchasing decisions with information based on data.
Thanks to the data from the Dcycle software:
Lefrik has achieved up to 50% reduction of emissions in its products.
Lefrik has achieved a reduction in water in the production of its products.
“We needed to obtain data on our sustainability to show the full value of Lefrik. In addition, we needed visibility to make the right decisions for the next collections and continue to improve products every year”
Curra Rotondo | Founder of Lefrik
Dcycle gives its clients access to the tools to take control of their sustainability so that they have visibility into where they are in terms of environmental impact and so that the company has the ability to generate an environmental strategy to improve its brand image, increase sales, access new markets and financing.  
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The sharing electric mobility brand that operates in 17 cities is moving forward in:

Global Carbon Footprint.
Vehicles Life Cycle Analysis.
+80% Reduction in Scope 2 emissions.

Pozzi Industries Group.

Draw up a sustainability plan to reach carbon neutrality.

Reducing GHG emissions (scopes 1 and 2).
Include renewable energy in all energy sources.
Improve energy efficiency.

South Summit

The largest entrepreneurship event in Southern Europe, a leader in sustainability:

Started Net-Zero Journey.
Analysis of the event's impact.
Environmental hotspots and suppliers detection.

Great Place To Work

Creating better workspaces including sustainability criteria is possible:

Complete BPTW 2022 Event Analysis.
Environmental hotspots detection.
Strategic sustainable alliances.

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