Blue Banana, the first Carbon Negative fashion brand in Spain.
Blue Banana is a clothing brand that seeks to empower new generations through its designs, inviting them to adventure. It was launched in 2016, with the aim of inspiring new generations towards adventure. Today, they have positioned themselves as pioneers in sustainability.
Carbon Negative brand in Spain
tons of CO2 compensated
equivalent trees saved
2022 Actions
Carbon footprint in Scopes 1, 2 and 3.
Life cycle analysis of all its collections.
Emissions reduction of its products.
Negativization of remaining emissions.
Impact evolution
The challenge:
Their objective was to position themselves in the industry betting on sustainability by improving their impact to turn it into a competitive advantage.
When they came to Dcycle they were not doing anything related to emissions management.
The solution:
We started by measuring the environmental impact of their products and facilities to identify where the main impacts were. Thanks to the intelligibility of the results, they were able to draw up a high-level environmental strategy to achieve their goal of positioning themselves as a benchmark sustainable company.
The process from having no control over their sustainability to being net zero was only 2 months.

They reduced the impact of their facilities and products by choosing lower-impact materials. Once the improvements were implemented, Dcycle helped them communicate clear, comparative environmental savings to show the value of their products versus other products on the market. After reducing their impact, they decided to offset their emissions to negative.
"We have analyzed our products and offset twice their emissions. We are the first fashion brand to be Carbon Negative".
Juan Fernández-Estrada | Co-founder of Blue Banana
The strategy of focusing on sustainability coupled with investment in communication was very successful, generating an increase in sales.
Dcycle gives its clients access to the tools to take control of their sustainability so that they have visibility into where they are in terms of environmental impact and so that the company has the ability to generate an environmental strategy to improve its brand image, increase sales, access new markets and financing.  
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Global Carbon Footprint.
Vehicles Life Cycle Analysis.
+80% Reduction in Scope 2 emissions.

Pozzi Industries Group.

Draw up a sustainability plan to reach carbon neutrality.

Reducing GHG emissions (scopes 1 and 2).
Include renewable energy in all energy sources.
Improve energy efficiency.

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The largest entrepreneurship event in Southern Europe, a leader in sustainability:

Started Net-Zero Journey.
Analysis of the event's impact.
Environmental hotspots and suppliers detection.

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Complete BPTW 2022 Event Analysis.
Environmental hotspots detection.
Strategic sustainable alliances.

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