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Up to 50% emissions reductions on their products.
Automated impact reports and reduced 20% carbon footprint.
Automated product analysis and showcase.
Up to 80% reduction in time and money versus their last advisors.
Up to 70% Reduction in Scopes 1 & 2 Carbon Footprint.
Starting the Net-Zero journey for the leading business innovation events.
First Spanish fashion brand Carbon Negative.
Carbon Neutral Best Place to Work 2022 Event.


Discover how we have already helped +100 SMBs.


The sharing electric mobility brand that operates in 17 cities is moving forward in:

Global Carbon Footprint.
Vehicles Life Cycle Analysis.
+80% Reduction in Scope 2 emissions.

Great Place To Work

Creating better workspaces including sustainability criteria is possible:

BPTW 2022 Event Analysis.
Hotspots detection.
Strategic sustainable alliances.

South Summit

The largest entrepreneurship event in Southern Europe, a leader in sustainability:

Started Net-Zero Journey.
Analysis of the event's impact.
Hotspots and suppliers detection.

Blue Banana

The leading fashion brand for generation Z, a pioneer in sustainability thanks to:

Carbon Footprint measurement.
Life Cycle Assessment.
First Carbon Negative textile brand in Spain.

"Conducting a life cycle analysis of our best-selling backpacks has helped us identify the environmental impact of our materials and encourage the eco-design of our backpacks".

Curra Rotondo | CEO.

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