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Urbidermis trusts Dcycle to measure and manage their environmental impact.
With a strong commitment to sustainability, Urbidermis was having trouble measuring the environmental impact of a new more sustainable tropical wood they wanted to use in their products.
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Reby is a mobility company with a low environmental impact operating in 23 cities in Europe. It was founded in 2018, with the idea of ​​bringing mobility to all people in a sustainable way. Reby's vehicles are designed and manufactured by its teams to make urban mobility accessible and more sustainable.
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Reby reaches up carbon footprint reduction thanks to dcycle
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2023 Actions
LCA of products
Carbon footprint in scope 3
Demonstrating the sustainability of a new tropical wood vs the pine they used.
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The challenge:
They were having trouble measuring their environmental impact of their products, in particular when it came to measuring Scope 3 emissions and generating accurate Life Cycle Analysis of their products.
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The solution:
They initially hired Dcycle to create a LCA of their products and to mesure their Carbon footprint in Scope 3 to demonstrate that the new tropical wood was a more sustainable choice than the pine wood they had been using.
in 9 days   
Measuring the Life Cycle Analysis of two different vehicles.
in 2 weeks
Measuring the Carbon footprint of scopes 1, 2 and 3.
Dcycle gives its clients access to the tools to take control of their sustainability so that they have visibility into where they are in terms of environmental impact and so that the company has the ability to generate an environmental strategy to improve its brand image, increase sales, access new markets and financing.  
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